COLORADO SPRINGS — A new law removing the state sales tax from feminine hygiene products and diapers goes into effect in August.

Governor Jared Polis signed HB22-1055 into law in June. It reinforces the notion that diapers and menstruation products are a necessity, not a luxury, and should not be taxed as such.

“Removing the tax on dignity is a smart move, not only to save Coloradans’ money on essential products but to help remove the stigma around these everyday items,” said Representative Susan Lontine. “Eliminating the sale taxes on diapers, period, and incontinence products will help improve the affordability of these essential items in a time where inflated prices are hitting working families hard.” 

The new law is expected to help child care centers, early childhood educators, and seniors save money on every day essential products.

“For too long, Colorado families have been forced to pay sales taxes on essential hygiene products. This inequity impacted low-income folks and communities of color the most, especially as we continue to feel the effects of inflation, which is why we took action,” said Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, D-Boulder County. “This is about dignity. The more we can make these products affordable, the more access folks will have to these essential products, and the more money folks across our state will save.”

Consumers can expect to see the exempted taxes from these items on August 10.