COLORADO SPRINGS — On Sunday, Former El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn announced his candidacy for Mayor of Colorado Springs in 2023.

“We have entered into historic times. Our future will be impacted by the decisions we make today. I believe that Colorado Springs has a special anointing in the pathway forward. We are the defenders of freedom and liberty and it’s time for us to lead,” Darryl Glenn said.

Glenn, a Christian, husband, father, lawyer, and United States Air Force Academy graduate, has been elected twice to the Colorado Springs City Council, twice to the El Paso Board of County Commissioners, and won the 2016 Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

In addition to his elective public service, Glenn retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel after 21 years of military service. During his military career, Glenn was responsible for implementing a base realignment and closure plan in a $5 billion dollar organization. He supervised 35 communication system programs valued at $1B dollars and developed support plans that saved the taxpayers $20 million dollars while providing a 40 percent increase in performance capability.

“If I am elected Mayor, I will prioritize the following:

#1: IMPLEMENTING COVID-19 AND FUTURE PANDEMIC RESPONSE COMMUNITY STANDARDS · Supporting the Individual Right to decide whether to get vaccinated or wear a mask. · Opposing federal, state, and local government Vaccine and Mask Mandates and Proof of Vaccination Status to work, shop, exercise, or attend entertainment events. · Opposing efforts that intentionally or unintentionally create a Two-Class Society, one for the vaccinated and one for the unvaccinated.

#2: ESTABLISHING COMMUNITY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AS A STRATEGIC PRIORITY · Establishing a Community Task Force that identifies national supply chain problems and proposes local solutions to creating a sustainable supply of all goods and services for our residents. · Advocating for the implementation of policies and zoning modifications that Expand the Local Production and Delivery of all goods and services. · Proposing policies and zoning modifications to encourage Innovative, Mobile and Home-Based Businesses Options that will increase employment opportunities.

#3: OUR LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE DEFENSE OF THIS NATION · Establishing a National Standard of Excellence for all services provided for our military members, veterans, and their families such as transition and employment, behavioral health and wellness services, affordable housing, and other quality of life resources. · Continuing to fight for Colorado Springs to become the permanent host for U.S. Space Command.

#4: MAINTAINING OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE · Ensuring that the city’s Standard of Excellence for core services is consistently achieved. · Fighting to invest more resources, if necessary, to meet national standards for Public Safety Incident Response Times. · Recognizing that Community Partnerships, Initiatives, and Volunteerism are critical elements to our city’s overall health and wellness, cleanliness, safety, and quality of life.

#5: OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL · Prioritizing infrastructure improvements and economic investments in the Southeast Corridor. · Proposing and supporting School Safety and Youth Suicide Prevention Initiatives. · Supporting flexible zoning to increases Creative Affordable Housing options and optimizing private property owner rights. Glenn says that he’s looking forward to a grassroots campaign. He also welcomes invitations to in-person or virtual meeting opportunities to discuss his vision for city’s future and challenges faced by our residents.

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The current Mayor John Suthers took office in 2015 and is coming to the end of his term limit.