Daily devotional introduces children to over 300 saints


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NASHVILLE – Mother Teresa left her family at age 18 to become a missionary. St. Patrick helped spread Christianity to Ireland. St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin. St. Jacinta Marto was a prayer warrior who led a crowd of 70,000 people in prayer at only 10 years old.

Author Meredith Hines has written a book designed specifically to help teach the next generation about the saints of history and their legacies entitled, “A Saint a Day: 365 True Stories of Faith and Heroism”. It will be released on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

The book focuses on all those who have been officially recognized by the Catholic Church.

“I wrote ‘A Saint A Day’ to give children and parents an engaging introduction to the Saints, who are heroes of the Christian faith,” said Hines. “Some Saints were parents and others were priests. Some were wealthy and some had nothing. Some were children and others lived to be very old. But each of the Saints had this in common – Jesus was the center of their life. They lived for Him and they inspire us to do the same – to give Jesus everything.” 

Readers will learn about Saints, Venerables and Blesseds from all over the world from Africa, the Philippines, South America, South Korea, Mexico, the U.S. and more.

“I can’t imagine life without the encouragement of the Saints,” said Hines. “I find so much help and hope from the stories of their lives. As I researched more than 300 Saints, who lived throughout history and across the world, I became convinced that there is no circumstance or question or challenge that could come up in my life that hasn’t already been faced by one of the Saints.” 

The book is written for children ages 8 to 12, and Hines hopes that it will help children grow in their understanding of church history, the long history of people of faith and better understand how they can love and serve God.

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