COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A dad in Colorado Springs has created a hat that now helps his daughter who was diagnosed with a severe sleeping disorder get a good night’s rest.

The sleep hat is called the “Sleep Shepherd.” Doctor Michael Larson is the man behind the invention. He’s also an engineering professor at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. The hat he created uses a rhythmic pulse and is an all-natural approach to cure sleeping problems.

“It was just not like me to be tired all the time, and have trouble maintaining my schedule,” said Jessica Larson, Michael’s daughter.

Prescription drugs only made things worse for Jessica given the nasty side effects, so that’s when dad came to the rescue.

“It makes me feel very good when she thanks me for creating something that allows her to do some of the things that she loved to do that seemed to be taken away by her sleep disorder,” said Michael.

The Sleep Shepherd monitors your brain waves in real-time and uses a biofeedback looping sound to lull you to sleep.

“It has electronics built-in box on top where the user can control the volume of the tones that are played,” said Michael. “It’s rechargeable, so you want to charge it every day so it’s ready to go when you want to go to sleep at night, and it has speakers built into the sides, in the little pouches, you don’t feel those when you’re sleeping with the hat on.”

The Center for Disease Control is calling America’s sleep problem an epidemic.

“It was estimated by researchers that there was over $64 billion lost in productivity for people suffering the effects of insufficient sleep,” said Michael.

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