Would you fall victim to a spoofing email?

Cyber Safe

A lot of companies are stepping up cyber security awareness for their employees.

Scams can come from anywhere: call, email or text. 

FOX21’s chief engineer, Dan Nezgoda, is trying to protect our staff from cyber acts and scamming emails. 

“A spoofing email is when someone impersonates an email address or name attached to that email address,” Nezgoda said. “So you may receive an email from an individual who you may know, but the email did not actually come from them. It’s a social engineering scheme to gain your trust and get you to reveal information that you may not normally.” 

FOX21’s Carly Moore was one of a handful of staff members that was a target of a spoofing email. 

A scammer asked multiple staff members to buy 10 $100 Google Play gift cards. It got more suspicious when he asked to “scratch the back out to reveal the PIN then attach the pictures showing the pin” and email them back.

At that point it was clear that something was definitely wrong. This was a spoof email. Sometimes they can even mask the real email address. That’s when you’re in big trouble. 

“This particular type of email scam is very easy to spot because if you check the email address, it won’t match the person who sent it,” said Rodney Gullatte, SBDC Cybersecurity Consultant and
Founder of Firma IT Solutions. “The other things to look out for are emails that have urgent money matters to take care of.”

Multiple FOX21 staff members also received a similar email. 

“I don’t have to trick everyone if I am a hacker,” Gullatte said. “I just need to get a few people.”

FOX21 is owned by Nexstar Broadcasting, and all employees had to go through a security training to be on the lookout for spoofing emails and scamming links.  

“It’s about teaching employees how to recognize threats on the internet,” Nezgoda said. “It’s a dangerous place.” 

Any small business can get cyber training for a fee from the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center.

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