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COLORADO SPRINGS — A documentary called “Brain, Heart, World” is about the harmful effects of pornography and will be airing in Colorado Springs Monday.

The film is a three-part documentary and is being screened across the nation this fall.

The documentary was created by the non-profit, “Fight The New Drug,” a non religious, non legislative nonprofit whose mission is to educate about the harms of pornography through facts, science and personal accounts.

In the trailer, it said everything that we do each and every day shapes our brains.

“Unfortunately, the U.S. is the number one consumer and producer of pornographic content,” Founder and CEO of PornfreeColorado KP Lovejoy said.

Lovejoy is credentialed in counseling and has recognized a common theme in pornography and the harm it causes.

“We talk about the four A’s of pornography as it being accessible, affordable, anonymous, and addictive,” Lovejoy explained.

With more children owning phones, they have access to the internet and these porn sites and sometimes parental controls aren’t enough and that’s why Lovejoy suggests having conversations with our children.

“Having an ongoing conversation because a lot of our parents are very uncomfortable on how to talk to our kids about sex,” Lovejoy added. “I mean its not something in our American society, we do tend to be more restricted in our conversations about sex.”

That’s where the Brain, Heart, World documentary can be a part of that discussion.

“When we’re no prepared for this type of content of coming in through the internet to kids through apps when they are doing their homework and things like this it’s dangerous, it’s apandora box, so we want to give them those tools to know how to handle it,” Lovejoy said.

There are so many layers to this topic such as how it affects adults, addiction and human trafficking.

To see the Colorado Springs free screening you can register online ahead of time here.

The showing will be on Monday, November 4th at 7 – 9 p.m. at the ENT Center on the UCCS Campus at 5225 N. Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs.

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