Cybersafe: Securing your VPN

Cyber Safe

COLORADO SPRINGS — Working from home is the new normal for now and when that involves using a business network, you need to make sure your work and others are secure.

For many it is uncharted territory for folks working from home. FOX21 News reporters have had to make their living rooms a news studio. These are stressful times especially for engineers.

“Remoting a television station is very difficult,” FOX21 Broadcast Engineer Doug Ducote.

Setting up a virtual private network, or VPN, may be convenient, but it can also make a business vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks.

“The best thing is not being on those public wireless networks,” Certified Chief Information Security Officer, Certified Ethical Hacker Rodney Gullatte said. “I know there’s some like apartments complexes and stuff that have one Wi-Fi for everyone in the apartment complex to use.. can you imagine those people going back to their apartments and then logging into their bank account. it’s bad. So VPN’s are appropriate.”

So tapping into your secure WIFI is crucial.

“But if you are a business and you are trying to work from home and you have that shared network at home where your kids are playing on their computers and play stations and smart TV’s and all that, use your hotspots if you have them on your phones,” Gullatte explained.

As always, don’t clink any unknown emails or links that could bring in an uninvited guest or hacker.

“If you have a computer at home, with a VPN connection into our network and you’re going to leave that computer for some time to go do something else, lunch, walk the dog, something like that, you need to disconnect from the network,” Ducote added. “So that you don’t have a computer sitting with a VPN tunnel into our network.”

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