CyberSafe Parent: Smart TVs: Are you being watched?

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Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Well it turns out your Smart TV might be to blame.

Consumer Reports says Smart TVs are tracking viewer’s habits and sending that information back to TV companies, but hackers can also use your Smart TV to spy on you and your family.

More and more people are using Smart TVs, sometimes even in their bedrooms.

Experts say the problem with Smart TVs is they have their own operating system, which means there are vulnerabilities. They also have web browsers, so if you’re connecting to the internet, hackers can be 25 or 50 feet away, gaining access to the radio frequencies and looking through the camera on your Smart TV, all while recording everything you’re doing.

“We trade convenience for cyber security therefore we leave ourselves more vulnerable. It’s best to go into the settings of the TV or other devices, look and see what the settings are, if you don’t want the camera on because you’re only watching TV, have the camera actually turned off,” said cyber security expert Dr. Shawn Murray.

Dr. Murray says when it comes to any of your devices — baby monitors, home security systems, virtual personal assistants — always immediately change the default settings and passwords to make them more secure.

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