CyberSafe Parent: Screen time and your kids — how much is too much?

Cyber Safe

Screen time and your children — how much is too much?

It’s a question for parents and the topic of an award-winning film being shown at local schools.

Screen time isn’t just iPhones but also includes iPads, computers, and television.

While the technology can be helpful in the right setting, too much can be damaging.

Screenagers Movie shows kids scrolling through life with a limited attention span and inability to hold a conversation. It can hurt the family dynamic and relationships in general.

Colorado Springs school administrators are hoping Wednesday’s screening sparks a family conversation.

“I imagine I sound like a broken record, so my kids hearing it from someone else and it’s not just mom or dad, they can make an informed choice,” said parent Kristen Penn.

“There’s no judgment in the movie, it talks about scientific facts and studies, and there’s a real human touch and how technology has touched the lives of their families and children,” said Joy Maguire-Parsons with Colorado Springs School.

The film uses funny stories with surprising insights from authors, psychologists, and brain scientists to convey their message of empowering students on how to navigate through the digital world and find balance.

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