CyberSafe Parent: Colorado family’s advice after family photo stolen, misrepresented online

Cyber Safe

The internet — it brings the world to your fingertips, but it can also make you vulnerable to the world.

That’s what the White family of Colorado discovered.

They took a professional photo five years ago. The photographer posted it online, and it has been circulating across the world wide web since.

Brad White, a middle and high school principal in the Denver area, appears as James Williams in an ad with a family who earns $9,000 a month — not true. It’s the same ad he had to send a cease and desist order when it was used by a white supremacist group in Europe.

“It turns out our last name is White. It was posted by the White family. People who were looking for a white family are getting this white family, and it would be posted online. What would normally be funny, I can see the humor in that but when you see your child on a website that’s awful and so far from our family values it’s pretty frustrating. Pretty unfortunate,” Brad White said.

White suggests using the reverse Google Image search tool to find out if your images are being misrepresented without your permission. He was able to find his photo this way and sent a cease and desist order to stop its use.

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