COLORADO SPRINGS — Since schools around the country are closed, children are online more than ever and online predators are trying to take advantage of the situation.

A new report from Europol noted there has been an increase in the digital activity of those seeking to sexually exploit children through the internet.

 In late March, the FBI issued a warning about this danger to parents across the country.

 Predators are posting on web forums that they expect young people to be more vulnerable because of social isolation, less supervision, and more time on their computers. Predators make their way into chat rooms and video game sessions and often pose as minors. These interactions escalate into the adults pressuring children to send them sexually explicit photographs or videos.

The non-profit Netsmartz has organized resources for parents to keep their children safe on a range of online platforms, from Snapchat to Xbox. 

“Due to Covid-19, kids are online more than ever, to help keep kids safe stay involved in their digital world, use privacy and security settings, and block people who make them feel uncomfortable. Stay safe at home, stay safe online.”

One of their latest public service announcements reminds parents to stay connected with their kids. The key is talking to your children, stay involved and know who they’re connecting with.