Cybersafe: Juice jacking targets travelers

Cyber Safe

COLORADO SPRINGS — If you’re traveling this holiday season think twice before plugging in your device into a USB public charging station.

It’s called Juice Jacking, hackers found a way to attach malware onto charging stations and cables, they take off with your information while you power up.

“The problem is that you don’t know if its power only or power and data,” Greg Gardner with LeaderQuest said.

Garder is an instructor at LeaderQuest, a Colorado Springs IT school, which focuses on cyber training.

“They get all of your data, your smartphone is just a computer, it has a file system and I can go in there and grab your information,” Gardner explained.

The cyber thieves can attack USB ports at airport hotels and even rideshares.

Gardner added another way criminals are attacking you is through your Bluetooth.

“Bluetooth is generally in discovery mode and always looking at what it can connect to, somebody else who is actively looking can come out and send a Bluetooth request to your phone,” Gardner said.

His advice is to turn your Bluetooth off at public places and charge your phone the old fashion way by using an outlet. Gardner suggests carrying a portable charger if you’re on the go and be wary of where you plugin.

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