COLORADO SPRINGS — As schools conclude and students gear up for the summer, kids can continue learning in a local program and possibly get a jump start on a new career in cybersecurity.

With the ever changing virtual world, children are faced with more and more screen time, this can be both risky and beneficial.

“Much like the times we are in right now, like the coronavirus, one of the things, we wash our hands when we go home and different places,” said Forrest Senti.  “Think as the same mindset as cybersecurity, there are a lot of things we can do to protect ourselves, I like to call it cyber hygiene.  There are things you can do to protect ourselves and do it quickly.” 

Forrest Senti is the Director of Business and Government Affairs at the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), located in Colorado Springs. It’s a non-profit that serves both public and private organizations and individuals through training, education, and research. It can help kids become more cyber-savvy.

“Anybody who is under 18, we have to call IT fundamentals,” Senti said. “It’s a certificate program. It will teach you what’s the cable that connects you to the internet, what’s wifi, what’s the intent.”

The NCC offers weeklong summer camps for children of all ages in hopes they’ll want to join the cyber community as a profession.

“We don’t have enough students, being exposed to cybersecurity early,” said Cyber Education Program Manager Thomas Russell. “The student alliance is fashioned to address that problem. To introduce students to cybersecurity at an early age. “

“The jobs pay extremely well and they are in high demand, especially in Colorado, Texas, New York, California, all over the U.S,” Senti explained. “It’s one of the fastest-growing job markets in the U.S. as far as openings right now.”

There are 6 cyber camps beginning the week of June 8th and concluding in August. Just head to this link Cyber Camps.

Other missions of the NCC include global space security, mobile voting options for overseas voting, and helping cities become more efficient.