Small businesses are the targets of hackers in more than 42 percent of the cyber attacks. 

Ansley Reese is an esthetician who always dreamed of owning her own business. 

“That’s all I said while I was in esthetics school,” Reese said. “I wanted to start my own business.”  

After ten years of working for other salons, Reese finally opened her own business, Ansley Marie’s Salon, a year ago in Colorado Springs.  

“My father owned a business so it was in me,” Reese said.  “I just didn’t know it was so much.”

That includes protecting personal records and that of her customers. The last thing Reese wants is a hacker ruining everything she had worked for.  

Rodney Gullate described himself as an ethical hacker. As the CEO at Firma IT Solutions and Services, he protects businesses from cyber attacks for a living. 

“People don’t realize 60 percent of small businesses go out of business after getting hit by a cyber attack,” Gullate said.

Gullate also helps the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center in Colorado Springs with Cyber training, He said,  “Everyone is at risk – especially, businesses.  Also, people of Colorado Springs who go to these businesses.”

Gullate helped Reese protect her business.  He helped install a separate router at Reese’s Salon, providing a wireless WIFI for customers while protecting her computer and records. 

Reese is the first to admit, a  little protection goes a long way. “I can’t afford not to protect myself or my customers. “

The Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center is offering a cyber security summit next month.  The event will be held at the Pinery on Bijoy Street on October 26th. Cost is $20 to attend. For more information on registration, go to .