Cyber Safe Community: Phishing scams still filling your inbox

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Phishing scams are the top tactics for hackers around the world.

They point of the scam is to steal personal information at home and one expert said they target major companies as well. 

Dr. Shawn Murray specializes in cyber protection. He can pinpoint where the attacks come from and eliminate them, but he specializes in how to avoid getting them to begin with. 

“80 percent most effective method to gain access. Access to a company’s computer system either network is through a phishing email,” said Dr. Murray. 

Some viruses are recycled over and over with small changes which makes them undetectable in some computer software. 

“Open that malware infected document or that URL it doesn’t get picked up by your antivirus even know you’ve been infected,” said Dr. Murray. 

Many times these tactics are disguising themselves as your bank and difficult to detect they’re fake. 

I always ask for the multi-factor authentication send a text message to my phone or send me an email that has a four-digit code that I have to put in before you allow me to access my own my own account,” explained Dr. Murray. 

You can also go to or to check if a website is legit or not. 

But Dr. Murray says it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

“Home users if you don’t recognize the email or the email sender delete it”

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