COLORADO SPRINGS — Cyber security experts warn of a spike in social media scams as the holiday season approaches.

The Better Business Bureau has revealed its top 12 holiday scams for 2021.

Avoid social media gift exchanges, such as buying a certain number of wine bottles to share, or being asked to pick a name and send money to a stranger — or even a secret Santa dog.

According to the BBB, those gift exchanges are simply masked pyramid schemes.

Holiday app scams are also on the rise, such as apps where children can “chat” with Santa, watch him feed his reindeer, or light the Menorah. The BBB says some of those apps contain malware or may ask for payment information.

To avoid falling into the trap, search the name of the app using the word “scam” with it, or read other customer reviews.

Additionally, the Identity Theft Resource Center says scammers are taking over Instagram accounts using information from previous data breaches or by tricking you into personal information.