(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is sharing ways to reduce energy through the winter weather which could save consumers money.

“A winter storm brought heavy snow into Southern Colorado this week and extreme cold is up next. Temperatures are expected to drop on Thursday with possible overnight lows in the single digits or lower. During that period of bitter cold, and with customer safety in mind, Colorado Springs Utilities will not interrupt service for non-payment,” CSU said.

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CSU shared these tips from their website:

Lower the thermostat

  • Drop the thermostat a few degrees to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The utility recommends setting thermostats no higher than 68 degrees. Lower it when away from home or sleeping. 
  • Invest in a smart thermostat – Springs Utilities offers a $50 rebate on qualifying models.
  • Wash clothes in cold water and hang to dry instead of using the dryer. 

Check furnace filters

  • Dirty filters add stress to heating systems and make them run inefficiently. 
  • Swap out the furnace filter every one to three months. 

Do not let pipes freeze

  • Make sure to keep an eye on plumbing up against exterior walls.
  • Open cabinet doors with access to plumbing. 
  • Purchase pipe insulation from a local hardware store. It will fit around water lines for added protection.
  • Letting a faucet drip can also protect exposed pipes. Avoid wasting dripping water by catching it in a bucket and using it for another purpose, such as watering indoor plants.

Stay warm with your family’s safety in mind

  • Only use proper heating systems or small appliances made to heat a home.
  • Do not use ovens, stoves or barbeque grills to heat your home. Those devices can be fire and carbon monoxide hazards.
  • Use a furnace or space heater for extra warmth. 
  • Test all carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they are working.  

CSU would like to remind its customers that assistance is available here.

“Springs Utilities is encouraging customers to be mindful of their energy use during these extreme temperatures for their safety and to help mitigate costs associated with home heating,” CSU said.