CSU electric and gas bills to go up; here’s what you can expect to pay


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) customers will soon be expected to pay more money for their electric and natural gas services.

Beginning Monday. Nov. 15, residential electricity bills will rise an approximate 13.5% while natural gas bills are expected to rise 26.8%. Commercial electricity bills are projected to rise 17.4% while natural gas costs are expected to rise as much as 26.8%.

According to CSU, natural gas prices continue to rise globally and are now almost 100% higher than this time last year because of supply concerns and rising demand. Meanwhile, natural gas prices are sitting at the highest levels seen nationally since 2014 while lower levels of gas in storage in the U.S. and exports of natural gas continue to be an issue.

CSU says the cost for natural gas is expected to keep rising and, if there is an especially cold winter, prices could exceed current price projections.  

“As a non-profit, community-owned utility, we pass changes in fuel costs—up or down—directly on to our customers,” CSU wrote. “We benefit from natural gas pricing available through our long-term contracts, we use natural gas from storage and our propane air plant to stretch supplies.”

Sample bill impacts, courtesy of CSU, can be found below. (Note: These are not flat fees, the impact on individual customer bills is based on the amount of services used.)

Consumption Used to Generate Sample Customer Impact

Sample bill impacts courtesy of CSU

According to CSU, current forecasts indicate this could be a short-term increase and customers could see decreases in February and May 2022. The gas cost adjustment from March 2021 is also expected to expire in May 2022. 

CSU offers the following programs to help customers:

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