(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In honor of their 60th anniversary, the Colorado Springs School (CSS) wanted to help those in need celebrate their own birthdays. CSS started an initiative aimed at collecting 60 birthday bags to give to those less fortunate.

CSS families donated 60 bags filled with plenty of birthday party goodies; party hats, birthday candles, balloons, party favors, Little Debbie Birthday Cakes, and $10 gift cards for local retail stores.

“Celebrating a birthday is the most important celebration in the life of children and adults. It shows that you matter. It gives worth and significance. We are fortunate to celebrate at CSS, and we want to be inclusive,” said Head of School Tambi L. Tyler

  • The Colorado Springs School birthday bags
  • CSS birthday bags on table
  • CSS birthday bags

Twenty of the bags were donated to Mary’s Home, a long-term shelter for mothers and their children. Twenty bags were given to Little Angels in Need Charity, an organization that provides children’s clothing, toys and necessities to families in need.

The final third of the bags were taken to The Place a nonprofit organization in the Pikes Peak region focused on programs to support young people from ages 15 to 24 experiencing homelessness.