(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) apprehended a suspect with the assistance of a K9 unit in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14.

According to CSPD, on Tuesday around 3:30 p.m., detectives with the District of Colorado Violent Offender Task Force located a man with allegedly multiple felony warrants, including Domestic Violence Burglary and Domestic Violence Felony Menacing.

Police said detectives learned the suspect was still in possession of a firearm that was allegedly used in a Felony Menacing incident. Detectives attempted to contact the suspect in the area of Jet Wing Drive and Warthog Heights near South Academy Boulevard.

When detectives contacted the suspect, they apparently ran from police through a construction area and commercial property. Police said they gave multiple commands for the subject to stop running but they refused to comply.

CSPD Officer Comstock and K9 Milo arrived on the scene and saw the suspect running.

Officer Comstock according to CSPD, noticed the suspect was going to get over a privacy fence and into the yard of a home before detectives would be able to stop him. Officer Comstock gave several warnings for the suspect to stop or a K9 would be released.

When the suspect continued to run, Officer Comstock released Milo who was able to apprehend the suspect just before the fence, preventing the suspect from entering a residential area.

Police said the suspect received minor injuries to his left arm and was taken to the hospital for treatment before he was released into the custody of detectives.

CSPD said no citizens or officers were injured, and the investigation is ongoing.