COLORADO SPRINGS — A female police officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department is facing serious charges of felony stalking after she discovered her estranged husband, also with CSPD, was intimately involved with another officer.

The arrest affidavit found Stephanie Landreneau and her one-time husband, Brandon Landreneau, had experienced marital problems and had separated. However, it says, Stephanie’s behavior, described by Brandon as “my way or the highway,” worsened.

In an investigation into the matter, Brandon said Stephanie went through his cell phone and social media accounts without his consent or knowledge. He claimed that he eventually had to shut down his social media accounts, because it caused too much drama between them. He also said he believed Stephanie was tracking his location through his phone, after he says he was notified by his provider.

Brandon accused Stephanie of watching his Call for Service (CFS), a police database which provides real-time information of which officers are on call, the duration of the call and location of the officers. He said Stephanie had also managed to hack into footage from his body worn camera.

The affidavit states Stephanie would take her department issued computer (MDC) home and log into Web Cad to monitor Brandon. Web Cad provided her information on the officers sent with Brandon on Calls for Service and more.

By March 2022, Brandon said, he became involved in an intimate relationship with another officer. He said the relationship was confirmed for Stephanie when she reviewed footage from Brandon’s body worn camera and heard him on the phone having a conversation described “sexual in nature.”

Brandon, an officer he was friendly with, and the officer he was involved with, said Stephanie threatened to expose Brandon’s relationship to their Sergeant and Internal Affairs.

The affidavit shows Stephanie made three phone calls to the victim’s work issued phone, ten phone calls to her personal cell phone, and sent five text messages. All this, it says, while Brandon, and the two aforementioned officers were out on a call for service.

The documents include an image of a text sent by Stephanie to the officer Brandon became involved with.

The victim reported the situation made her very uncomfortable because she did not know how Stephanie obtained her personal cell phone number or what other information she might have.

Ultimately, Stephanie Landreneau was arrested for charges of Domestic Violence and Stalking, Class Five Felony.

She is set to appear in court on May 11.