(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is holding a March Madness-style tournament with the goal of introducing the community to CSPD’s K9s.

The competition is being held on CSPD’s Facebook page, and each day a pair of K9s are placed head to head for the public to vote on their favorite K9, with the winner advancing to the next round.

A K9 March Madness bracket with the 17 CSPD K9s
Courtesy: Colorado Springs Police Department

The idea for K9 March Madness, according to CSPD, was developed last year (2022) as a way to introduce all of its K9s to the community. Every Facebook post will introduce each K9 with a little about them and what their duties are at CSPD.

To some, they might be just dogs. But to us, they are more than that. They are an integral part of the CSPD family, serving in roles like narcotics detection, suspect apprehension, explosives detection, and electronics detection. These dogs live a life of luxury – working hard at a job they love every day and then going home with their handlers to be regular pets in the evening.

Colorado Springs Police Department
  • A photo of K9 Luna-Pixel
  • A photo of K9 Miles
  • A photo of K9 Milo
  • A photo of K9 Nero
  • A photo of K9 Nyx
  • A photo of K9 Oakley
  • A photo of K9 Pongo
  • A photo of K9 Rocco
  • A photo of K9 Zev
  • A photo of K9 Amp
  • A photo of K9 Blue
  • A photo of K9 Britta
  • A photo of K9 Chewie
  • A photo of K9 Donut
  • A photo of K9 Dutch
  • A photo of K9 Kai
  • A photo of K9 Kylo

CSPD said they currently have 17 K9s with two more to be added soon. You can follow the competition on CSPD’s Facebook page and vote each day for your favorite K9 by liking their picture.

The competition started on March 1 and will continue almost every day until April 3 when the final two dogs will face off. Last year’s champion was K9 Kylo.