CSPD gives update on body-worn camera program


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey gave an update on the department’s body-worn camera program Friday morning.

Currently, 480 of the department’s officers have body cameras. The remaining 20 will receive them soon, according to Carey.

Police have recorded more than 115,000 videos since the implementation of the body-worn cameras a year ago. The police department has hired two additional people to help sort through the footage.

Carey said the main goal of the cameras is to increase transparency and accountability between the community and the police department. He believes the cameras have done just that, even if they do add extra work.

“While it’s true that the presence of body-worn camera video footage does bring additional work, I do think that everybody in the criminal justice system, all our partners, have worked well together to share that workload and make our system one of the best in the country,” Carey said.

District Attorney Dan May said in the past, his office could prepare a case by reading the police report in a matter of minutes. Now, with the addition of body cameras, they spend about 90 minutes going through the video, assuming there were three officers on the scene and they each recorded 30 minutes of footage. May’s office handles more than 25,000 cases per year.

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