COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSFD) announced the dedication of its Community Mural created by local artist, Paes 164.

The mural is located on the south side of the CSPD parking garage and is the largest mural in the history of Colorado Springs. Just over 50 gallons of paint and 350 cans of spray paint were used to cover the wall, which is 50 feet high and over 350 feet long.

“We hope that this art inspires current and future artists,” said Chief Adrian Vasquez, Colorado Springs Police Department. “We also hope that when you pass by, you will take a minute and reflect on what COMMUNITY means to you and why Colorado Springs is a special place.”

Over the last year, CSPD has worked on a mural project with Paes 164. The artist is an award-winning mural and graffiti artist for over 30 years. Paes 164 is a resident artist at Fallen Heroes Tattoo.

“You guys do all the hard work for the community, and I thought it was important for the community to connect back with you guys, even if it is through art!” said Paes 164. “…. I’m really proud to be the one doing this mural and I appreciate all of you!”