(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) has arrested 39-year-old Joshua Staton after an undercover investigation revealed social media accounts allegedly owned by Staton, had attempted to meet whom he believed to be minors for sexual encounters.

According to CSPD detectives from the Strategic Investigations Unit, were working undercover on social media. Two separate accounts run by CSPD, depicted as young girls, were contacted by an account allegedly owned and operated by Staton. CSPD said Staton was attempting to meet the perceived minors for alleged sexual encounters and to provide them with methamphetamine.

CSPD Joshua Staton
Joshua Staton, Courtesy: Colorado Springs Police Department

CSPD reports that Staton appeared at a public place allegedly intending to have sex with a minor and was arrested by CSPD detectives.

A further investigation by CSPD revealed that Staton had methamphetamine in a vehicle and that he had brought it with him at the time of the arrest.