STATEWIDE — Colorado State Patrol wants to know what you think about special license plates for DUI offenders.

Sometimes called “scarlet letter plates,” they mark repeat DUI offenders. Since 1967, Ohio has required yellow plates with red lettering for second offenses, and in some instances where a driver’s blood-alcohol level is twice the legal limit. In Minnesota, drivers who have had two or more DUIs in a 10-year-period are required to use plain white plates with black or blue text.

While some may support the “scarlet letter plates,” others may think of them as public shame as punishment for drunk drivers.

CSP tweeted “Would you personally, support a ‘scarlet letter’ indicator on the license plate of a convicted drunk driver?”

So far, over 300 people have voted, with 40 percent saying yes and 32 percent saying yes after more than two convictions.

CSP says they tweeted the poll to gauge people’s interest in the idea and to get people talking about DUIs.

What do you think of the idea?