(COLORADO) — With an upcoming enforcement operation between Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and local law enforcement happening on Friday, March 10, CSP is sharing tips to help drivers avoid dangerous driving.

CSP said 2022 had the most roadway deaths since 1981. According to CSP, many crashes are caused by simple distractions such as a cell phone, a bite to eat, or even other passengers.

CSP is sharing the following tips to help drivers do their part to avoid a tragic crash:

  • Pay close attention to speed limits. In poor weather, never drive beyond your vehicle’s capabilities.
  • Put the distractions aside and put your cell phone out of reach. If it is important pull off the road or have a passenger navigate the messages.
  • Open snacks before you start driving, and eat messy meals elsewhere.
  • If you see dangerous driving by another motorist, slow down and keep them safely in front of you, CSP said this is a good time to pull over and call *277.
  • Make sure everyone in your vehicle is properly buckled up and never drive impaired by alcohol or drugs.

CSP is reminding drivers about their yearlong campaign called “Stay in Your Lane,” a campaign to remind drivers to control their lane position based on current driving conditions and to bring attention to the most common and avoidable behaviors that contribute to lane violations.