Woodland Park police recover two trailers of stolen construction equipment

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - Woodland Park police have recovered two trailer loads of construction equipment that was stolen over the past year, and now they're trying to return it to its owners. 

Police said starting January 3, 2018, they got several reports about thefts from construction sites in the area. Officers have now recovered two trailer loads of stolen equipment, including generators, power tools, chainsaws, and items associated with home construction. 

Police said the items were taken in at least seven different thefts in Woodland Park, unincorporated Teller County, and El Paso County. 

Police are currently processing the items, and are having a difficult time identifying the owners of some of them. Anyone who had items stolen from a construction site in the Woodland Park area over the past year and has not filed a report is asked to do so by calling police at 719-687-9262. 

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