COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs woman was arrested for impersonating a Colorado Springs Police officer during an incident on May 23.

According to an arrest affidavit, just before midnight on May 23, 2022, officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) responded to the 7-11 on Colorado Avenue on a trespassing call. The caller, who is an employee of the 7-11, reported to officers on the scene that a couple had been coming into 7-11 and caused disturbances in the past. The employee said she recognized their vehicle and locked the business’s doors before the couple could enter.

The male she had locked out proceeded to take pictures and video of the employee through the windows as she called 911.

Through the course of the investigation, officers learned the couple had received text messages during the incident from an “Officer Hengel,” saying “This is Officer Hangel, we have your phone number and license plate just a matter of time.” The text messages go on to say “I suggest you stop harassing this poor woman at 7-11. you [sic] guys aren’t allowed to be there and will be trespassed next time you go there.”

When asked about the text messages from “Officer Hengel,” the employee at 7-11 said she had contacted her coworker, Misty Henry, for help. The employee said Henry had called and said she had posed as “Officer Hengel” and texted the couple. The phone number provided to officers for Henry did not match the phone number the text messages had come from, and the employee explained that Henry had used an app that spoofs phone numbers.

There is an Officer Hengel employed with CSPD, but he was on a separate call for service and had no knowledge of this incident or the text messages.

When officers contacted Henry, she stated that she had indeed sent the text messages while posing as “Officer Hengel,” because her coworker was crying and upset, and she wanted to help.

Henry is charged with impersonating a peace officer, a class six felony.