COLORADO SPRINGS — A woman who was accused of child abuse after a 3-month-old boy in her care died was sentenced Thursday to ten days in jail.

54-year-old Dana McNair was arrested after the child was found unresponsive on a bed where she had placed him to sleep. In an interview the day of the boy’s death, McNair told deputies she had given the boy a bottle, burped him, and changed his diaper. She then took him to a bedroom and laid him on an adult bed for a nap. She told deputies she laid the boy on his left side and stuffed a rolled comforter behind his back to prop him up, then covered him with a blanket.

When she returned to check on him, he had rolled from his side onto his stomach and was facedown on the mattress. She called 911 and first responders rushed him to the hospital, where he had another cardiac arrest incident and later died.

An autopsy determined the boy’s death was an accident, caused by a medical condition “associated with an unsafe sleep environment and prone position.”

On Thursday, McNair was sentenced to ten days in jail, along with 200 hours of community service and 4 years probation.