PUEBLO, Colo. — Despite being open for only four months, a business in Pueblo has already had to deal with a string of burglaries.

Bad Apple Glass and Disposable Vape posted a video of the latest break-in on their Facebook page.

The owners of Bad Apple, Russel Pearson and Kimberley Pierce, said the suspect broke down the glass front door and stole about $500 worth of merchandise.

“We have a legit business, and we’re doing things the way were supposed to be,” said Pierce. “It’s not fair that this happened, but we want to try to prevent it. We’re not going to cry about it now. We want to try to prevent it and we want support from our community and we want to be part of this community.”

“Pueblo is better than this,” Pearson added.

FOX21 News has reached out to Pueblo Police about the burglary and are waiting to hear back.