(CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo.) — The victim of a sexual misconduct case involving a Cripple Creek detective is now speaking out for the first time. After discovering that another woman suffered the same fate, she hopes to encourage other victims to step forward and seek justice.

On August 14, Cripple Creek Detective Alexander Kenoyer was sentenced to 60 days in jail for engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a victim he was meant to be investigating, followed by attempts to cover up his actions.

The revelations of his history of similar transgressions surfaced during this sentencing hearing at the Teller County Courthouse.

Correspondence between Kenoyer and his victim, Kelly Davis, began over text in 2021. The relationship progressed into a sexual relationship where Kenoyer would have sex with Davis often, during his official duty hours. Kenoyer admitted in court they would do it in the Cripple Creek Police station and in his marked vehicle.

Following an investigation from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations he attempted to conceal his actions by coercing Davis into writing a letter to the Cripple Creek Police Chief, falsely claiming that nothing untoward had occurred between them.

“I allowed him to convince me to perjure myself,” she confessed, recounting how she had initially blamed herself, feeling naive for allowing Detective Kenoyer to manipulate her.

Davis found out at Kenoyer’s sentencing hearing that his actions were not isolated incidents but rather part of a recurring pattern. The prosecutor advocated for the most severe sentence possible, pointing to a well-established pattern of abuse of power.

“My reaction in the courtroom was just shock… When [Deputy] District Attorney [Kelson] Castain, told the judge… this is not the first time this has happened,” Davis said. Castain was referring to new evidence brought up in discovery from Kenoyer’s previous position as an officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

During the sentencing hearing, Castain said Kenoyer had sex with a woman involved in a traffic incident hours after the incident transpired, while he was still on duty.

“It was him convincing a woman, that he also had sex with, while he was on duty to sign a contract with him,” Davis said. She added that he used similar tactics to hush up the victim in this incident.

Davis was shocked to hear the prosecutor also say that Kenoyer’s superiors were informed of the incident.

“This is something that he’s been doing habitually, and then he administratively resigned from his position [at CSPD] and goes and gets hired in another police department and does it all over again,” said Davis, underscoring the systemic nature of the problem.

Davis is planning to file a lawsuit against the Cripple Creek Police Department, alleging negligence on their part. She asserts that the department was well aware of Kenoyer’s actions and failed to intervene.

“I believe that there are multiple victims out there,” Davis asserted, hoping that her speaking out will help other victims come forward.

Along with the 60 days in jail, Kenoyer also faces two years of probation and is barred from holding a position as a police officer.