Two juveniles facing charges after social media threats toward Falcon High School


FALCON, Colo. — Nearly three weeks ago, a school resource officer assigned to Falcon High School learned of a threat circulating on social media.

The threat claimed if certain instructions weren’t followed, teachers, students, principals and even guests would be killed on Halloween.

This week, investigators were able to track down two juveniles as the source. They have been charged with interference with school, faculty or students of educational institutions and harassment.

“We have to take any kind of threat seriously- especially with social media now,” Jaqueline Kirby of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department said. “It used to be you told one person and maybe a handful would find out.  Now, if you post it, hundreds and maybe even thousands will see it or be affected.”

Matt Meister, the director of communications for District 49 said the school is constantly working closely with the local Sheriff’s Department and Colorado Springs police to keep the community safe.

“The safety of our students, staff and visitors is priority one and it’s no-negotiable,” Meister said.  “We work with our law enforcement partners on anything that could be a threat in and around our school campuses.”

Matt Williams is a sophomore at Falcon High SchoolT. “here were kids saying they weren’t going to go to school and stuff,” he said. “It was smart, but, at the same time, they were going to have high security and stuff.  I know the odds weren’t there actually wasn’t anything like that but its still you don’t want to mess with.”

Matt’s mother, Gigi Williams, is among many parents who are grateful for the school’s proactive measures.

“We got the alert and are thankful. It’s just sad that it had to come to this,” she said.

She and other parents are using this opportunity as a teaching moment for their children.

“Absolutely, absolutely, pretty much on a daily basis,” Trey Myketum, a father of two students at Falcon High said. “She’s on Facebook, both my kids are on Facebook. Certainly, it’s an important topic.”

Kirby adds, “I don’t think juveniles realize that sometimes records are not sealed, so the decisions that they make today that have criminal charges or a criminal aspect to it may follow them well into adulthood,” she said. “Be very careful what you post because it could come at a very high price.”

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