PUEBLO, Colo. — The man accused of shooting and injuring an off-duty Pueblo firefighter last month has been arrested in Maryland, according to police.

The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. June 6 on North Main Street. The victim, an off-duty Pueblo firefighter, was with a group of off-duty coworkers when he saw people harassing a homeless man, according to police. The firefighter helped the man, and a short time later, someone fired several shots at the firefighter from a sedan parked nearby, according to police. The firefighter sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Police identified the suspect as Stevan Jesus Hernandez, 38. A warrant for his arrest was issued on June 11.

Police said Hernandez had been staying in several different states over the past few weeks. Baltimore County, Maryland police arrested him after a citizen recognized him from a Pueblo Police Department press release, according to police.

Hernandez is in the process of being extradited back to Pueblo, where he will face charges of first-degree assault and attempted first-degree murder.