(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A stolen Kia was used to ram a Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) tactical vehicle on Monday, March 13, before the driver was captured by police.

According to CSPD, around 1 p.m. on Monday, detectives with the Metro Vice Narcotics and Intelligence Motor Vehicle Theft Unit (MVT) located two stolen cars in the 300 block of Universal Heights, northwest of the intersection of Airport Road and South Powers Boulevard.

CSPD said both stolen cars, a Hyundai SUV and a KIA sedan, were both running and were found to have someone in the driver’s seat of both. CSPD said detectives called for Tactical Teams’ assistance, and when they arrived in the area, 42-year-old Katrina Pete, who was driving the Kia sedan, caught sight of law enforcement and rammed one of the tactical vehicles.

CSPD said the collision caused significant damage to both the tactical vehicle and the Kia sedan. The Kia then travelled a short distance before Pete stopped and tried to run away on foot. She was caught a short time later by detectives.

The driver of the stolen Hyundai SUV, 19-year-old Damien Pete, left the Hyundai and also tried to run on foot before he was also captured by police. CSPD said both Katrina and Damien sustained minor injuries, but no officers were injured.

CSPD said both Katrina and Damien were arrested and booked into the Criminal Justice Center.