Seized marijuana turned into mulch


The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is cracking down on illegal marijuana grows throughout the county.

New laws passed in January limit Coloradans to growing 12 plants per home.

In May alone, the sheriff’s office confiscated about 1,600 illegal marijuana plants, plus a couple hundred pounds of processed pot.

Once the marijuana is seized, it’s put into storage containers for up to three weeks before it’s destroyed and made into mulch.

“We’ll take it to a local vendor who grinds it up, destroys it and makes it 100 percent unusable,” Lt. Bill Huffor said.

Sheriff Bill Elder said illegal marijuana is bringing violence to the county, and it’s important to track down those growing illegally.

“I would tell you in the last two to three weeks, most of the ones that we have encountered have been run by illegal immigrants,” Elder said.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said without help from other agencies, like the Colorado Springs Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration, collecting all the illegal marijuana they have would be impossible.

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