EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is warning the community to be on alert for scam callers who pose as law enforcement officers. And they ask for money.

According to EPSO, when these scammers call, they identity themselves as a ranking officer.

They use an app, such as Google Voice or other cell phone apps, to create an untraceable phone number.

Their next step is to demand money in exchange for removing a false warrant for the target’s arrest.

The caller will claim law enforcement will arrest the victim if they refuse to pay.

Targets are generally asked to transfer money through a gift card, which according to law enforcement, cannot be paid back.

EPSO says, if you get a call like this one: ignore it and hang up.

EPSO will never call you and ask for money.

The Better Business Bureau also provides a free scam tracker. You can see what scams are trending and report scam calls there for tracking.