COLORADO SPRINGS — 28-year-old Joshua Johnson, the man accused of killing his younger co-worker in a breakroom of a Colorado Springs’ Walgreens, made his first appearance on Tuesday.

The Colorado Springs Police Department said the crime occurred on Saturday, June 11, while the store was open.

A manager noted that 17-year-old Riley Whitelaw had taken a break and had not returned. Eventually, he told police, he found Whitelaw’s body in the breakroom. There was blood everywhere, he said.

And police described finding a gruesome scene.

“There were significant blood stains on the floor, cabinets, and counter of the breakroom,” the arrest affidavit reads. “There was an identification badge on the floor and a radio earpiece… near the victim’s feet.” Officers say it was immediately obvious that Riley Whitelaw was dead.

Johnson was arrested on Sunday, June 12. He was on foot on I-25 near Trinidad when Colorado State Troopers found him and took him into custody.

17-year-old Riley Whitelaw

Riley’s friends and family have created a Go-Fund-Me account to establish a scholarship in her honor and possibly genetic research (something Riley enjoyed studying).

In Riley’s Obituary her family said, “If you were having a bad day, she had the innate ability to lift you up. She was dedicated, persistent, and passionate about everything she endeavored to try… She was a quiet leader amongst her peers and was always willing to lend a helping hand to those around her.”

Riley’s artwork won many school and local awards. She was a straight-A student, a member of Air Academy High School Colorguard, and volunteered at the Humane Society.

Riley’s funeral is Thursday, June 23.