Pueblo man accused of killing roommates dogs arrested in Arapahoe County


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TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — Teller County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man who they were searching for in regards to a felony animal abuse case.

Matthew Dieringer, 30, is accused of killing two of his roommate’s dogs.

Late Sunday night, Dieringer was located at the Days Inn Motel at Clinton & Geddes and was taken into custody on the Teller County warrant for two counts of Aggravated Animal Abuse, a felony six.

Dieringer is alleged to have beaten to death the victim’s brown, 7-year-old Australian Cattle Dog “Suka” and also to have killed and dismembered the victim’s other black dog, “Hayoka.”

According to the arrest affidavit, the Teller County Animal Control was called to a mobile home to check on two dogs on Sunday, July 19. The roommate had “feared something bad had happened to them” by his new roommate Dierenger based on text messages.

In one text message, Dieringer refers the roommate to a longitude and latitude for the location of his dogs. The roommate gave deputies the ok to enter the home, according to documents.

When officers entered the home, they noticed multiple interior walls in a “complete and utter disarray destroyed with a countless amount of holes” ranging in size from a quarter to large areas which appeared to have been from a body slam. The TV’s in the master bedroom and living room were destroyed. The TV in the master bedroom had the word “South Park” etched across the entire screen, according to court documents.

Teller County Sheriff’s Office said neighbors called them to check on the suspect after hearing enraged yelling and loud noises on Friday, July 17. During the call, deputies were told the suspect had yelled “South Park!” and previously neighbors were told he was working on a film for “South Park.”

Court documents reveal that multiple surfaces throughout the home had blood spatter and some of which was still wet. Officers found in the guest bathroom, the bathtub had a crack on the side and the drain had black dog hair along with fragments of teeth and one intact tooth lying on the bathtub floor. Next to the toilet was a bucket of water with a severed segment of a black tail with a white tip. Officers matched the severed tail to Hayoka, according to court documents.

Outside the mobile home, a blue tote was found and inside officers found Suka mangled and deceased. Officers said her front right shoulder was broken and twisted in an unnatural way. Underneath the body officers found a flashlight and a two foot long carpenter’s level. Officers believe the tools beneath Suka was used to torture and eventually kill her.

In court documents, officers found two collars clasped to one another in the spare bedroom trashcan and they were almost fully saturated in blood. The collars had identification tags and the names were Suka and Hayoka.

The Teller County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public for their interest in this case and vigilance in watching out for Dieringer.  They would also like to thank the law enforcement partners at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

Dieringer is currently being held in the Arapahoe Detentions Facility on a $10,000.00 cash-only bond and will eventually be transferred to the Teller County Detentions Center.

According to court documents, Dieringer had a status hearing on Monday with Judge Theresa Lynn Kilgore. The next court date has not been set yet.

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