COLORADO SPRINGS — The man accused of killing a 17-year-old girl while she was working at a Walgreens on the city’s west side will have his case presented at a preliminary hearing on Friday, Sept. 16.

28-year-old Joshua Johnson was arrested on charges of first degree murder in June after the body of 17-year -old Riley Whitelaw was found in a breakroom at the Walgreens on Centennial Boulevard.

Colorado State Troopers later found Johnson walking alongside I-25 near Trinidad with scratches on his hands and face and took him into custody.

The arrest affidavit for Johnson details that he and Whitelaw worked together at the Walgreens, but that Whitelaw had complained to management in the past because Johnson had made unwanted advances and made her uncomfortable. She asked to work opposite shifts from Johnson to avoid him.

On June 11, the day she was killed, Whitelaw was scheduled to work a shift with Johnson, because she had requested additional hours and management told her she would have to be scheduled with him to accommodate the request.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Johnson on Friday, Sept. 16 at 8 a.m. at the El Paso County Courthouse.