Police report Pueblo crime rates decreasing


PUEBLO, Colo. — Comparison between Pueblo crime in the first half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 shows a continuing trend in a positive direction.

The Pueblo Police Department reported a 27% drop in burglaries, a 30% drop in auto thefts, and an 18% drop in the overall crime rate.

The same cannot be said for homicides, as those numbers have gone up from last year. The police department said in most instances, an officer would have to be in just the right place at the right time to prevent homicides.

While most of these numbers are certainly positive, I am not satisfied with our crime rate, as it is higher than anyone would like it to be. I would like it to be zero, however, that is not realistic either. I believe our community and our department is committed to continually reducing victimization and crime in general and increasing the quality of life for all. It is extremely encouraging that we continue to trend in the right direction.

Troy Davenport
Pueblo Chief of Police

The Pueblo Police Department wants to give credit where credit is due, thanks to the community voting in favor of the 2B Public Safety Sales Tax. The department cites additional officers and equipment as some of the primary reasons for the positive trend.

“When you have additional manpower, it’s easier to be able to deal with calls and handle them in a timely manner,” Sgt. Frank Ortega said. “The additional manpower we have with the 2B officers that they gave us–the city, the voters in the city–it helps, and it’s showing right now.”

The Pueblo Police Academy recruited 20 officers. Once they finish the Training Officer Program, the department expects to see more productivity coming from Pueblo Police and into the community.

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