Overcapacity, infrastructure failures among problems at Pueblo County Jail


PUEBLO, Colo. — More than $1 million has been spent on  “unanticipated costs” at the Pueblo County Jail.

County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz and Sheriff Kirk Taylor gave FOX21 an inside look at the jail Wednesday.

They say there are infrastructure failures and that the jail is 145 percent above capacity, all of which put deputies’ safety at risk.

Ortiz formed a task force to look at the jail’s issues.

Sheriff Taylor says the problems go far beyond his department.

“I think it touches and concerns the courts, the District Attorney’s office, the public defender, it literally touches each and every aspect of the criminal justice system within this community,” he said.

The task force will be studying the current conditions and operations of the jail.

They will deliver a comprehensive report this summer that will recommend a short and long-term solution to address the Pueblo County Jail’s problems.

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