New details released from Randy Bishop crime spree in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS– New details have been released involving Randy Bishop, the man arrested after allegedly shooting a Colorado Springs police officer, shooting at another officer during a separate incident, and various other crimes.

According to a newly unsealed arrest affidavit, Bishop is also charged with assault in the second degree (class 4 felony) and felony menacing (class 5 felony).

On January 12, 2020, around 12:20 a.m., officers were called to 39 N. Garland Ave to investigate an assault involving a weapon.

Four victims said they were getting ready to leave the Copper Stone Apartments, and approached their car that had been started remotely. They said that’s when they saw a man trying to get into their car.

Court documents show one of the victims told the suspect he was getting into the wrong car.

They say the suspect pulled a pistol from his pocket and replied, “I know, I know,” before hitting one of the victims in the mouth with either a closed fist or the pistol he was carrying.

The four victims told officers the suspect pointed a black pistol at them during the incident, and they ran away.

The group also said they saw the man in front of the Loaf N Jug at 2802 E Pikes Peak Ave, which is across the street from the Copper Stone Apartment complex.

On January 17, one of the suspects called police because he saw a photograph of Randy Bishop in the news, and identified Bishop as the person who had assaulted him.

On January 21, CSPD obtained the video surveillance from Loaf N Jug which captured the person, who has been identified as Bishop, on camera there just 10 minutes after the assault.

Bishop is facing a long list of charges from a number of crimes, including:

  • 18-18-405 Unlawful Distribution, Manufacture, dispensing or Sale of a Controlled Substance
  • 18-4-301 Robbery
  • 18-3-203 Second Degree Assault
  • 18-3-203 Second Degree Kidnapping
  • 18-3-203 Second Degree Assault
  • 18-3-206 Felony Menacing
  • 18-6-401 Child Abuse
  • 18-3-102 Attempted First Degree Murder of a Peace Officer
  • 18-3-202 First Degree Assault
  • 18-8-208 Escape
  • 18-4-409 First Degree Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft
  • 18-8-116 Disarming a Peace Officer
  • 18-4-301 Robbery
  • 18-3-102 Attempted First Degree Murder of a Peace Officer
  • 18-3-202 First Degree Assault on a Peace Officer
  • 18-3-102 Attempt to Commit Murder in the First Degree

Bishop was arrested Sunday, January 26 after police found him driving a Mercedes on Tammany Drive, in the area of Murray Boulevard and Airport Road.

The first case against Bishop was filed June 13, where he was charged with second-degree assault, strangulation, kidnapping, felony menacing with a weapon, child abuse knowingly or recklessly causing injury, false imprisonment and harassment. The charges also include a violent-crimes sentence enhancer.

On November 25, Bishop was taken to the hospital for a check-up before jail when he assaulted a detective and took his gun and fired it in the hospital, according to police.

On January 10, authorities say, Bishop shot a CSPD officer who pulled him over during a traffic stop.

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Bishop’s next court date is February 25 at 8:30 a.m.

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