COLORADO SPRINGS — On Sunday night, just before 9:30 p.m., the Colorado Springs Police Department said it received multiple calls of home invasions in the 1900 block of East La Salle Street, just east of the Patty Jewett Golf Course, past Union Boulevard.

Police say a man was able to get into a secured building, then kicked in the doors of five separate apartments. The man, later identified as Vladimir Bernard, damaged property and assaulted two residents, according to CSPD.

The callers said Bernard was still in the apartment parking lot after those break-ins. CSPD said multiple officers, including K-9, responded to the scene.

They were able to find Bernard at another apartment building, this one in the 1800 block of East La Salle Street, where he was arrested.

Police say Bernard has no known ties to the apartment complex, nor was he known by any of the residents.