COLORADO SPRINGS — A man and woman are under arrest after police had to deploy a taser in the Citadel Mall.

Just after 1 p.m. on Tuesday, detective with the Strategic Investigations Unit of the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) were made aware of a suspicious car in the parking lot of the Citadel Mall. Detectives conducted surveillance of the car and saw a man and woman leave the car and enter the mall.

Further investigation revealed the car was reported stolen out of Pueblo County. Detectives located the suspects inside the mall and when they attempted to make contact, the man tried to run away. He was taken into custody after police utilized a taser.

Both the man and woman were found to be in illegal possession of handguns, one of which was also reported stolen. Both suspects had unrelated arrest warrants.

The man has been identified as 31-year-old Jesus Perez. The woman lied about her identity to police, but was eventually identified as 40-year-old Tena Poe.

During a follow up investigation, both Perez and Poe were found to be in possession of credit cards and identification cards for various people. Detectives also recovered methamphetamine from the suspects and vehicle.

On July 29, arrest warrants were issued for Perez and Poe, on various charges, including special offender, aggravated motor vehicle theft, unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, and criminal possession of a financial device.