Man arrested in connection with 2007 cold case murder


A man has been arrested in connection with a 2007 cold case murder in Fremont County. 

Jeffrey Smith, 37, of Goodyear, Arizona, was arrested January 24. He is facing murder charges in connection with the death of Remzi Nesfield.

“These cases really have a less than one percent chance of being solves,” said Fremont County Sheriff Allen Cooper, “The breaks that we got and the hard work fo the staff is really what broke this case open.”

Nesfield had been reported missing in 2007, according to the sheriff’s office. A hiker found his skeletal remains in a remote area of western Fremont County in September 2016. A forensic examination revealed Nesfield had been shot in the head. Nesfield’s remains were identified in December 2017 through a facial reconstruction technology and DNA analysis.

“It’s just one little break in the case that’s all you need for that dam to come crumbling down,” said Cooper.

Smith is being held at the Maricopa County Jail, pending extradition to Fremont County. 

Cooper says the family felt a bitter-sweet closure when they were told the news about Smith’s arrest. 

“That’s a long time for a family to not have an answer,” said Cooper. “They were glad to have a resolution, but unfortunately that resolution was the death of their loved one.”

Cooper says some details in the case, such as how Nesfield and Smith knew each other, will be revealed at trial, should the case reach that point.

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