Local temple vandalized with Nazi symbolism

Local temple vandalized with Nazi symbolism_297431

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — When Laura Gross, Temple Beit Torah Administrator, got to the temple for work Friday, she didn’t expect to see what she saw.

One side of the building and the signs out front were vandalized with black spray paint and displayed Nazi symbols and phrases.

However, this is not the first time Temple Beit Torah has seen vandalism like this.

“In 2012, we had a similar incident, where other parts of our temple were marked,” Gross said.

In both incidents, that vandalism included words and symbols in support of Hitler.

“Sieg Heil is an allegiance to the furor, who in this case, was Hitler,” Gross said, “[And the] Swastika was the symbol of the national socialist party in Germany.”

Gross said these acts are acts of cowards and they don’t have a place in society today.

“Can’t come out here during the daytime and march against us?” Gross said. “If that’s what you want to do, show your face.”

Gross’ advice to these individuals is not to stay away. It’s to come to a service and learn.

“We invite everybody to come to our temple, and have services with us and share in our Sabbath,” Gross said. “Including those people who marked our temple, so they can see that it’s ignorant, and they need to come and learn what we’re about.”

A police report was filed in hopes of finding who committed the crime. The temple custodian was able to clean the vandalism off before the temple’s Friday night services.

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