Internal Affairs investigating formal complaint filed against Colorado Springs Police Department


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Police Department has released a statement in response to a YouTube video circulating that involves two officers with the Falcon Division.

In the nearly 18-minute video, the citizen, who does not reveal his identity, claims his rights were violated and he was “unlawfully detained” by two police officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department Falcon Division for “being suspicious.”

The man said authorities told him he had two options. One was to identify himself, he would get his property back, and he would be cited for disorderly conduct. The second option was, if he didn’t identify himself, his phone and camera would be confiscated for evidence. He would then be arrested for disorderly conduct and booked under “John Doe” and would remain in jail until he identified himself.

The man says he later identified himself to authorities.>> Click here to watch the full video.

According to Colorado Revised Statute 16-3-103:

(1) A peace officer may stop any person who he reasonably suspects is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a crime and may require him to give his name and address, identification if available, and an explanation of his actions. A peace officer shall not require any person who is stopped pursuant to this section to produce or divulge such person’s social security number. The stopping shall not constitute an arrest.

(2) When a peace officer has stopped a person for questioning pursuant to this section and reasonably suspects that his personal safety requires it, he may conduct a pat-down search of that person for weapons.

In response to the incident, the Colorado Springs Police Department has issued the following statement:

“The Colorado Springs Police Department is aware of the incident in question, has viewed the recordings, and is researching the incident. The Colorado Springs Police Department prides itself on respectful service to our community, and takes very seriously the security of its facilities, officers, employees, and the public. A formal complaint was initiated and in keeping with routine procedure, will be investigated by members of the Internal Affairs Section. As this is now an active investigation, the Colorado Springs Police Department cannot comment further on this incident at this time.”

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