Family searches for answers following domestic violence death


FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Tears were flowing Friday night as one family mourned their lost loved one with a candlelight vigil.

Joey Lamoureux was killed Thursday in an alleged domestic violence situation.

His 19 year-old son allegedly shot and killed him to protect his mom during the incident.

Right now it’s being investigated as self-defense.

Joey’s family said the full story about what happened isn’t getting out, which is tarnishing his reputation.

“Loved life – always trying hard. Wishing he could do better. He was always striving to be a better man than he was,” said his dad R.J. Zimmerman.

His family said Joey and his ex-wife Janelle would fight over his 19-year-old son.

“I could see them arguing, but as far as my brother getting physical and them having to shoot him and kill him to make him stop, no. There were 4 people in the house that night, the cops told me, and my brother was one of the four, so you’re telling me to shoot him and murder him was the only thing you could do,” said Ambrosia Cooke.

She claims that a Facebook message from Joey to one of their cousins last summer shows that he didn’t feel safe at certain times around his ex-wife.

“He didn’t deserve to die and I want justice for my brother,” said Cooke.

At the very least, this family wanted more exact details of what happened.

“If it did happen the way they’re saying, ‘ok, I’ll accept it and justify it. Show me some proof, so me something that makes me believe it, because I don’t believe that they’ve got both sides of the story,'” said Zimmerman.

Joey’s sister said she’s going to be putting a lot of pressure on the police and the District Attorney’s office until they investigate this case as a murder and not self-defense.

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