Donthe Lucas back in court for motions hearing


Donthe Lucas, the man accused of the disappearance and murder of Kelsie Schelling, was back in court Thursday for part of a two-day motions hearing.

The judge is set to hear a total of five motions by the end of Friday.

Some of the motions filed involve suppression of photo displays and statements made by Lucas.

The first motion heard Thursday dealt with the people’s notice of hearsay statements made Schelling before she disappeared.

Witnesses were called to testify as part of the hearing, but the judge closed the courtroom to the public due to some evidence being inadmissible during trial.

Schelling’s mother, Laura Saxton, was present during the hearing.

“I guess it’s kind of hard to say how it went,” Saxton said. “I can’t talk about anything that was discussed. We were allowed to stay because of the Victim’s Right Act. There was testimony given, but we did not finish that motion.”

The motion will resume Friday.

Lucas’ trial is set to begin July 30.

Schelling’s body has yet to be found. Her parents have doubled their standing reward for the location of their daughter’s remains from $50,000 to $100,000. 

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